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PR and Marketing Service for Artists & Galleries

Getting noticed is a hard job with so many gallery openings, exhibitions, art fairs, biennals and events going on, especially for emerging artists. But today, people are connected more directly than ever. By using the right strategy and pitching the right people, you can save years of hard work and focus on important projects instead. So why waste your time? Among Acacia PR´s services, our most important job is helping young & emerging artists to reach art journalists, curators and other important players in the art scene.
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Art – Does it pay for you, or do you pay for it?

Art is a product of what a person imagines, feels, perceives, and depicts. It is not a story of today’s era, but of times immemorial. Art prevailed even when mankind was first born on this earth. The pots, sculptures, statues, and paintings on the walls of the caves are proof of…

Learn to Sell Your Art and Create Your Brand

As an artist, your job doesn’t simply end with producing a great work of art. That’s actually where your work starts. It is one thing if you are pursuing art just to gratify your creative bent, but it is a different matter when you are pursuing art to carve a highly successful …

Our Services:

Press Release

With our International Contacts in the Art field, your Press Release will not end up in the void!

Journalist Pitch

We will pitch the right journalists individually (Newspapers & Media, online and printed art magazines), presenting your works or exhibition!

Full Service PR

Just focus on the creative act. We will be in charge of the rest.


52% of Art Collectors buy Art discovered on Instagram & Facebook

Art Marketing through Social Media

52% of Art Collectors bought art first saw and discovered on the social media like Instagram or Facebook. With our Social Media Marketing build your reputation, audience and maximize your chances to be discovered by Curators & Art Collectors.

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