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A long-term relationship building strategy

One of the rules of the creative market is to always be visible, even if you’re not actively participating in or working on a project. The world is full of talented creative minds; what makes the difference is your presence.

Instead of waiting for your next upcoming exhibition, maximize your chance to reach more opportunities by staying in contact with key people. Artists more than others need connections to succeed in their career. Creating connections takes time, effort, and also a well-prepared strategy. We will help you to create and sustain these relationships. You can then practice your art while still maintaining a presence that will let your ideas and works circulate around the people who matter.

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How does it work?


We contact & pitch to a small number of key people at different dates during 1 year. We present your works, both what you have done until now and you’re upcoming projects. You can, of course, send us material and information regularly, which will allow us to update our pitches in order to properly match and display your current projects. In any case, our key pitches are always actualized.


What’s the difference between Press Release Service & OmniPresence?


The difference between OmniPresence and the regular press release service is the number of people we contact and the period of the time. With the press release service, you reach a big number of people for a specific project but only for a moment. On the other hand with OmniPresence, you reach a smaller number, but these people are more closely connected, and the reach continues for a whole year. All of this enables you to develop your brand and your image as an artist.

Imagine that you’re doing an exhibition during the same time that a big art fair, a biennale, or another big event is taking place. Gaining coverage of your project will be more difficult, as journalists will be more likely to be assigned to the larger event of the moment. But by staying in contact for 365 days, they will see more of you and will keep you in mind and be interested by what you’re doing on a later occasion!

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