8 Express Hints When Writing an Art Press Release

8 Express Hints When Writing an Art Press Release

1.    Always format, write and place the most important information first and then with each additional paragraph in the body of the press release add information that is less important than the paragraph above it.

2.    Your title should be an indication that the press release is genuinely newsworthy and interesting.

3.    Every press release should contain a “News Hook” to capture the reader’s attention.

4.    The title and the introduction paragraphs are the most important parts of the press release. This section may determine whether anyone reads the press release at all. Read and rewrite until it is concise and interesting copy.

5.    Always be accurate in your facts. Do not exaggerate any of your claims.

6.    Always try to be brief and to the point when writing.

7.    Always spell check your copy prior to printing or emailing your copy.

8.    If you are not a good writer then have someone who is a good writer read, proof, edit and spellcheck for you.


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