On which countries´ art scenes are you specialized?
We are currently providing our services in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, UK and the USA.

I’m an emerging artist and can´t spend much. How can I use your services?
We are passionate about supporting young and emerging artists! That’s why we are offering them our services.

I don’t have a press release yet, can you also write one for me?
Our redaction is specialised on the Art field, so we write professional press releases concerning your work or exhibition.

In which languages do you offer redaction services?
English, German and French

Are you offering “All-In“ comprehensive PR services?
Depending on your project and our availability we will be happy to provide you with full PR service!

Do you only contact people on their general office contact?
90% of our database is constituted of high profile personal contacts, so we can people of influence quicker and better!

What is the difference between Acacia´s Press Release service and other Press Release services?
We don’t send unrelated mass emails which end up in the trash box. We gain the trust of our contact pool and a good reputation, as we provide relevant and important information!

How do you pitch important journalists?
We are targeting persons who may be especially interested in your projects and contact them personally by email and by phone.

Which kind of journalists can you contact for me?
From Art and Culture journalists of the big Newspapers, Radio and TV stations to the specialised Print and Online Magazines.

When should I contact you?
Due to the high demand, our resources are not unlimited. To be sure that we can help you on time, contact us as soon as possible – at least some weeks before the beginning of your project.

Should I only contact you in case of an exhibition or event?
No. With our help, you should continuously draw attention to your work in general, based on what you have done until now.


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