Art – Does it pay for you, or do you pay for it?

Art – Does it pay for you, or do you pay for it?

Art is a product of what a person imagines, feels, perceives, and depicts. It is not a story of today’s era, but of times immemorial. Art prevailed even when mankind was first born on this earth. The pots, sculptures, statues, and paintings on the walls of the caves are proof of how creative man has always been.

In today’s world, the purpose of art is different in everyone’s life. If you are unsure of what it means to you, give us a chance to bring you out of this dilemma.

There are people who spend their time doing what fascinates them, be it painting, writing, experimenting with new dishes in the kitchen, and so on. They do it for their own inner peace and satisfaction. It rejuvenates them. They may spend some money to fulfill this interest of theirs, but they do not expect that money to come back to them in any form. Such persons use art as their hobby. They are not very loud about their talent. In fact, some close friends and family members are their only audiences. They use their art to escape from the pressures of their everyday life.

On the other hand, there are those people who are well known in society for their talent. They invest money into their art and expect huge returns by exhibiting their talent in front of the world. Their fans are not limited to the four walls of their house, but are spread over larger boundaries. They devote all their time to their art so that it reaches a vast audience. They build their own personal brand by connecting with people through social media and bringing their work into the limelight. Art pays for them as they take up their art as a lifelong career.

Taking up your hobby as a full-time career is never a bad decision. You are paid for what you love doing. You do not work under the pressure of completing a task, because you can do it throughout the day feeling easy and comfortable. It is never a 9 to 5 job for you. You love doing it at any hour of the day, and it doesn’t make you feel exhausted. Money doesn’t always bring job satisfaction. It just acts as a mere motivation to work for someone else and fulfill their dream. So it is your own choice what you want to do in your life. Your art deserves recognition. You owe this to the art you possess.


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